we’re back…for good!

ike went away! yes! but, we are feeling the wind and some of the lower areas might flood. i was separated from syd, matt, and animals for 12 days. yeah, 12 days. it wasn’t like the twelve days of christmas, either.

enough complaining. so, you know how i went to creative escape in phoenix, az. it was nice. the hotel was a resort of first class. ya know, the kind that’s nice, but the attention becomes annoying after four days or seven days – in my case!

the classes were exciting. i am now in awe of jenni bowlin. she is such a southern gal – two of a kind. she has a cute southern drawl. my mom and jenni could talk about antiques and garage sales for a week. i bought two of every bingo card she designed! i’ve already used two! she inspires me… check out this lo i did with an old negative and bingo card.

supplies for: “a true story”: cardstock: bazzil, pp: basic grey, stamps: al, lace: unknown, letters: basic grey and m’s, bingo card: jenni bowlin, glitter: martha stewart, family card: 7 gypsies, ink: ranger, negative strips: trash box (lol), and brads: unknown.

ce is a three day long weekend of pampering, scrapping, papercrafting, eating, laughing, crying, and getting away from…

for the $$ you get a technique session, keynote speaker, freebies, 8 kits with 8 well-known teachers, six meals, and two days to create. here’s a run-down of the classes:

1. tim holtz taught a class with a mixed media frame that has an alternative use. it can be come a piece of jewerly. i am amazed how many women are in LOOOOOOVE with him. they flirt. and they don’t hid it. he was embarrassed. it was kinda funny. he is very sweet and funny to listen to. great teacher – he went very slow and explained why he used certain products. i didn’t mention that crackle paint doesn’t always crackle in south louisiana. that might have been a bit rude, ya think? but, i did stop someone from wasting their $ at m’s. i sent them to the lss to buy his crackle paint. score one for scrappers.

2. heidi swapp taught an interactive calendar for seeking daily treasures. (syd already stole it) she is just the cutest thing! i would love to sit and have a cup of tea with her – one day. i think we could find lots of great topics.

3. jenni bowlin did a collage book with all of the pages dangling from a cord (loved it). it had glitter and was messy! ya know, i love getting my fingers full of sticky glue.

4. kelly goree did four los. they are cute. she is a designer for basic grey. her work is beautiful. she is very neat, but out of the box at the same time. i dig it.

5. jessica taught an acrylic book with cosmo cricket papers. it was very fast paced. i did want to bang my head during and after class. but, she was very nice.

6. kolette and jason hall created a daily/monthly book for self-praise/finding the good within. it is very cool and i will try to do it. what a great couple. they are the kind of people you want for neighbors. good people.

7. janet hopkins created this unbelievable journal binder (more on this later —- it is really one of the coolest things i’ve seen in a long TIME!) she was great to learn from. i’m going buy the gel medium she used in class asap.

8. laurie taught a class based on journaling using lists. i didn’t create it. i was exhausted. i did all of the jounaling! but, that’s my thing. it would be a great concept for a beginning scrapper. it was very simple and didn’t require a lot of product/tools. it was a nice concept of really getting to know family and friends. i can see how this will help others to journal more.

here’s a list of the free stuff:

ce project book, ring, scarf, bag

aprin, 8 kits, cropper hopper paper holders

plastic bags with zippers

adhensive, crackle paint, glossy accents, & stickles

ink pad, alcohol ink applictor

paper box with thank you card kits

door prizes/raks

pedicure kit, zots, bazzil album, acrylic album

ribbon, tulle, chipboard letters

i think that was it??? someone will tell me that it is about the journey- not the free stuff, but i like free stuff. and, i know they do, too! sleep tight-don’t let the bed bugs bite!


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