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4 responses to “Contact

  1. Sandy Brown

    Hi Nicole — I was fortunate to see the fleur de lis that my daughter, Laurie Folk, completed in your class at the Mega Crop in Rayne last July. I would like to order the kit, and would like to know if you can bring it to Scrapfest this month, for me to pick up there? And, oops, I didn’t see payment methods — paypal? check on delivery?
    Thanks so much —
    Sandy Brown

  2. Angie Smith

    Congratulations again on your publishing in magazine!!! I love you blog but couldn’t find how to follow you. Could you give me some insight as to how I do? And are you from Louisiana or close? I saw you mentioned Hurricane Gustav and I am curious because I am from Louisiana.

  3. vicki sievers

    Hi Nicole,
    I just wanted to tell you that I shopped at your store many times during scrapfest. It was my favorite. And your little salesgirl, daughter was just precious and she did such a good job. Good luck to you and I hope I get to shop with you again,
    Vicki Sievers

  4. The BEST sister in the world-April Foret

    Where is the layout of Paw-Paw & Maw-Maw? (I tried trolling thru it all….) This Blog BTW is getting a little neglected………

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