hurricane gustav…

matt, syd, and the dogs are in tn. i am at my dad’s in houston. why are we not together? well, matt was very worried that i would miss creative escape. i flew here friday night when matt said he wasn’t evacuating no matter what. he then decided to evcauate with his parents.

april, my sister, came to houston today. here are a few fun pics.


the first is of my dad and karen (the GREATEST step-mother in the world. and, I mean it!) paul is such a hoot.

izzy and i have had two very interesting conversations today. one was about divorce and the other while playing puppets. here’s how it went:

i was checking the weather on my laptop while sitting on the floor. izzy’s was under the coffee table. we started playing finger puppets.

 (knock, knock)

izzy: who is it?

me: it’s nanny.

izzy: hi, i’m your daddy.

me: hi, daddy. what are you doing?

izzy: i’m going to bed.

me: why are you going to bed?

izzy: i’m having issues.

me: laughing and laughing and retelling the story to karen!

how funny is that! i’ve got to scrap that. from the mouth of a babe!!!!! 

be safe and be together. there is power in prayer.


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