answer to the million dollar question is…

hello, friends.. my mother told me that i should post. it’s funny because three years ago she couldn’t turn a computer on. i do love my mom. she always has kept me on my toes.

with all the traveling and airports i seem to spend half my life in, my students and customers are always so kind and interested in how i started living my crazy life and how it has affected my family. so, i am trying to score exclusive right to selling a new product at the retail shows i teach and sell at, i typed up my how did you get started story. So, i’m sharing here as well. thank you for all your continued support and love you have given to me, my family, and nicole petersen designs. hugs and kisses

My bio:

I am a small business led by a woman, like yourself, who needs to feed her kids, husband, and dogs (mine and the foster dogs). Here’s a little background:

Scrapooking, stamping, and card-making are what drew me away from teaching elementary school after eighteen years. It has been a passion and addiction that has changed my entire familiy’s life. We changed from being a two parent home with steady jobs and income to a two parent home with two struggling businesses. My husband is a home builder who started his own business about seven years ago. We decided it was all or nothing. He began by flipping small houses while still working full-time, and I began Nicole Petersen Designs while still teaching elementary school. In his spare time, Matt would drive across the country setting-up our booth at different retail shows; and for two years, I would teach all week, fly out Friday night, teach scrapbooking, etc all day Saturday, and fly home on Sunday. That was six years ago. Yes, we dragged our youngest with us to every show all over the country.

Finally after two years, my husband’s business was able to support us, and I quit teaching school. Now, we both continue to run our small businesses out of our home. Syd has since graduated from high school and is attending her second year at our local university. Our oldest daughter, Jordan, is 24 and married with two BEAUTIFUL little girls. Her husband is in the Army and is just returning from a six month deployment in Africa. We live in south Louisiana where family is always first, and our faith and integrity are top-priority.

i have to post a pic, right? here are my grandbabies! sleeping in the car on the way from CA to LA, which is an unblievable number of miles.





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