cha time is here….

i can hear my credit card moaning in my purse and the pods swelling all the from CA! Yes!!!!

here are two fabulous items that we will be selling on-line & in the booth:

first is Marion Smith’s new flower sculpturing tool. this is just plain genius! Genius, I say! it will retail at $23.95 with free shipping at it is ergonomic, which helps all of us with corporal tunnel and arthritis! I am so excited.

bloom impression tool

but that’s not all! it also comes with flower dies, which can be used in many die-cutting machines! They are great prices from $7.99 to %14.99. Free shipping on these as well!

leaves & stamen dies peony petal diesmall peopny dies  rose petal dies & stamen small rose dies tickseed dies

These products are on preorder in the store. Click here for a direct link to Marion Smith’s page.

oh, and one more thing. We R Memeory Keepers has come out with another scoring/punch board! FLOWERS!!!!! i do not know what the price is yet, but i will notify you asap.

flower board


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