a new love…

inktense pencils by dewent. I am truly in love. you color just like colored pencils or watercolor pencils, but they are vibrant colors – not washed out. I removed some of the color while it was still wet for a more muted- distressed look.

they blend just like copics — that is for those of us (me) who are copic challenged!! here’s a sweet little card i made for the booth. we sell this stamp set by unity in the booth – not store

there are a lot of youtube videos on how to use them. jennifer mcguire’s video is my fave – of course.


if you want them, it would be through special order and you would get free shipping! all special orders throughout this month earn FREE SHIPPING! just email me for pricing: nkpete@live.com





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3 responses to “a new love…

  1. Maryellen

    I love this stamp set…it’s so versatile for all ages. I’ve been looking at the Derwent pencils. I have the prismacolor and stampin up. Today I was reading about the inktense crayons which sound really cool, too. Hope you are well and have a great Christmas.

    • nickpea

      thanks!! I have the pencils which are the set of 12, but i ordered the 72 set. i just couldn’t deal with only 12! LOL! i colored the orange background with two colors of the inktense pencils and then went over it with water. Then, i rubbed distress ink – antique linen – all over it. it turned out fabulous!!! now, i got really muted colors bc i took a paper towel and blotted a lot of the ink away. to be honest, i think they look like tim holtz’s distress palette after i wiped some of the color away.

  2. Maryellen

    Forgot to ask, what did you use for the bright orange background? Also, I learned today that you can scrape bits of the colored pencil into a palette, add water and you get your own pan. You can mix colors too. If it dries out, you just add water. How cool is that?

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