technique tuesday….


we are now carrying technique tuesday!!!!!! they have been my favorite stamp company for so many years that i have lost count. gosh, i love this company. i personally own so many sets of their stamps that i’m too ashamed to count! yikes! no joke!

here are a few of the new sets and dies we are carrying in the booth.

Technique-Tuesday-Make-It-Work-Ali-Edwards-Clear-Stamps-Small Example ImagesTechnique-Tuesday-Handwritten-Ali-Edwards-Capital-Large-Clear-Stamps-Small  Technique-Tuesday-Family-Banners-Ali-Edwards-Clear-Stamps-Small Technique-Tuesday-Brooms-Unite-Clear-Stamps-Small Technique-Tuesday-Believe-In-Miracles-Clear-Stamps-Small

tt is now manufacturing dies. yes!!! they are fabulous. cut clean and easy to eject. always two good things. but i’d also like to share a new discovery in my ever-changing organization of my studio. (sigh. i do hope this is my permanent solution.)

i have started investing in these clear bins from a fridge/pantry storage company called Linus. these are my newest love in the category of containers. Capture1

i found out about these bins from Jennifer McGuire. they are super strong bins that fit everything (stamp sets, my cuttlebug, embossing folders, large steel dies, punches, buttons, paints, etc.) and, they stack on top of one another! saves space. sigh. i love them.

they also fit these plastic boxes from my friend at The Rubber Cafe.


Dies fit perfectly into these plastic boxes and the boxes fit perfectly into the bins. what an awesome combination.


this is what happens when i don’t post forever – two posts in one day and one is way too long. have a great day.


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