i’m a goofball and forgot…

31546_180652345407713_1144243105_nhi, friends. i know it’s been awhile but such is life! i do have some new layouts, but i brought them to the booth before i took pics. what can i say? i’m a goofball sometimes. the above pic is of syd fussing about having to do dishes; so, katie decided to document the fact. love that katie. it’s amazing how dishes become fun when someone pulls out a camera. teenagers?

the booth has been doing great. i hired a new full-time assistant. her name is dianne. she’s from alabama. love her and she’s working out great! i will post next year’s shows in the next few days. we are just waiting for final word from CK. so if you want to work a show, contact me after the schedule is posted here in a few days. thank you for your continued support.



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  1. Thank you, Iove you too. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you and your amazing……See you soon, Dianne

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