new layout…

i’ve been busy getting ready for classes for upcoming events and all the kitting and organizing that goes into a show. we’ve had two shows this year that were great! i do love meeting new people and seeing friends.

NPD is my dream job, but it is work. teri and i spend a lot of time walking to convention halls, locating convention halls, finding food and water, trying to stuff one more paper container into a pod, and trying to eat before 9 pm!

last show an entire wall of gidwall and product fell. yes, fell. no one was hurt, but now i have about 1000 prima ink pads mixed together. yup, about 1000! oh and teri got smacked with a piece of gridwall. the bruise was unbelievable! huge, purple with whelms in the middle. not a pretty picture. but we are so glamorous flying to place to place to peddle our wares. we look like a hot, sweaty, dirty mess on thursday nights walking out of a convention hall trying to find the car, hop a cab, run-down the hotel shuttle, or cross a busy intersection. we should have theme music! but it beats being locked in a room with kids! kwim?!

but a lot of kinks have been ironed out. so, ya’ll know teri is my friend and right-hand woman. she is great to travel with and i wanted to pick on her a bit. so this is dedicated to her.

this is what we have worked out in less than a year: i always get the bed closest to the window and ac. i always shower first. i try not to make a mess on the nightstand – drives teri crazy! i always buy her water at the vending machine. we both celebrate when the convention center/restaurant/hotel/gas station sells sprite!

some funny things about teri: she spends about an hour a night putting on lotion, she uses ten different moisturizers, she texts more than anyone, she has to sleep with earplugs (i snore), she always packs the night before, she changes clothes before pack-up, she’s always the last one to be dressed, she doesnt like to share the nightstand, she thinks airport shopping is the greatest, she doesnt like going to malls, she never picks a restaurant, she will not decide what we are eating, she wears shorts no matter what the weather, she cooks in convention halls, she is called cajun by the other vendors, and she always puts up g45.

what im grateful for: she likes to drive! she can tell directions from an iphone! she can tell a funny story! she can pick up a heavy box and lift it above her head! she likes being bossy! she buys sharpies! she can make an epoxy number 3! she can take the rings when ive had enough! she remembers pod keys! she likes to pack! she will tell people stuff i dont want to! she’ll talk to people i dont want to! she can work through a tummy ache! she can skip meals because we are too busy to eat! she always makes me eat!

i can go on and on. we are a good pair. we are great friends who can say we’ve been lost for hours in PA at night on back country roads and had a great time. we laughed so hard together while driving by cows, horses, neighborhoods, and fields of hay. we did finally find the hotel. but, two days later we were stranded again but without a hotel!

thanks, teri!

ok. here is a new one. i’ll be teaching this in Arlington this summer. i used a set of stamps by the stamps of life. they are so cute. the paper is authentique. it’s a pic of marti and livi








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8 responses to “new layout…

  1. Michelle Forest

    Love this layout and story. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Claire Withee

    Can’t wait to see you in Manchester! Meg and I are looking forward to a weekend playing with paper and buying some sweet stuff. I really enjoyed this post, i so enjoy a “real” post. Teri sounds like a gem of a person, glad you found each other! As Ever, Claire

  3. Lisa P

    Girl it is good to hear from you! We have not heard from you in so long! Hate to hear about the gridwall falling, that is one of my worst fears!! They laugh at me for tie wrapping it so many times lol. I am happy to hear that you and Terri are doing so well! Best of luck this year with the shows! Keep us posted on how you all are doing! Take care and God Bless!

  4. April, the bestest sister ever

    Teri Rocks!!!! ❤
    Another adorable layout Nicole 🙂

  5. Bad Ass Angel

    I heart you April Showers!!!!

  6. Vicki from Boxer

    Your post sure brought back a ton of memories! The long hours, eating before 9 pm (good luck with that!!), and the huge amount of work to put classes together — yep, I remember all that. And of course, stuffing one more box into the pod…Best wishes to you for a wonderful year on the road. Hope to see you in Portland, will see how my schedule works out! Hi to the rest of the family, too!!

  7. HA!! Nicole, did you ever describe our job. Man, that was scary when the grid came down…so glad she was ok, bruising aside. I always change before tear down too. :)- Hope to see you soon!

  8. Kristi

    Love this layout/class!!! Any chance you will offer it at CK Lancaster?

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