i wish…

that i had enough time and $ to make everyone in my life a homemade ornament this year. 😦 but, i dont… so, i decided to share the technique with you! here are pics: that i took .  i am giving you the instructions below. contact me if you dont get something or have a ?

Mini Gel Medium Christmas Ornaments: by Nicole Petersen


Gel Medium – Glossy, Acrylic Paint – Mini Glass Ornaments-Foam Brush-Patterned Paper-Cardstock silver or gold

Paint Pen silver or gold-Flower Punch-Star Punch-Wet Adhesive-White Flocking


1. Remove top of ornaments

2. Mix gel medium with acrylic paint (1 to 1 ratio)

3. Using a sponge brush, apply medium in a fluffy pattern – like frosting on a cake. Let dry for an hour or so (depends on the level of humidity)

4. Punch flowers from patterned paper and stars from cardstock

5. Edge stars with gold paint pen

6. Punch holes in flowers and stars

7. Dip edges of flowers into a wet adhesive – diamond glaze or glossy accents

8. Apply white flocking to edges

9. Slide flowers, stars, and top back onto ornament 

Tip: I hung the wet ornaments using Clip-It Clips to allow them to dry.


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