my weekend of cropping with my freinds…

i spent the weekend with leslie, ashley r, choo-choo (chantel), brandy, ashley m, and mrs. peggy. we laughed, teased, and cried for three days at scrapfest! there’s nothing like hanging with my girls. i love them and all of their creative juices!!!! they are the most talented and amazing women i know!

but, here’s what my studio looks like!!!! i’m not unpacked from phoenix – much less this weekend. if leslie would see my house, she’d never speak to me again!!!! yikes!! here are some messy pics of my unruley studio and the only project i did that wasn’t with glitz products. i can’t share the glitz stuff, yet. i will when i’m allowed!! love you gals.

oh, and leslie did an entire album, ashley did a million los and a canvus, and choo-choo was so focused with leslie pushing her on!!!!!!!! i was the only slacker!! tflooking

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One response to “my weekend of cropping with my freinds…

  1. Nicole – I liked it better when your pictures are bigger so I can see them! LOL I clicked them, but they remaind small and opened in another box!

    I miss you girls and wish I could have attended Scrapfest! *Hugs*

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