i’m having a crop and an altered canvus class…

this weekend, several people said that they’d love to learn how to alter a canvus. so, i’ve decided to offer a class and a crop at petersen studios on sat, sept 19th at 3pm. the class will start at 6pm. people can crop while the class is going, too. we will do a pot-luck supper. i will be bringing a roast beef for poboys. (cooked by my wonderful mother-in-law) YES, ice cream cake will be served!!!!!!!!

the crop is free, but the class will have a cost. it will be for the cost of supplies plus a small fee. i’ll post a price later this week. i can only fit about ten croppers, but 12 people in the class. so, i have ten openings for crop and 11 for the class! it will be on first come first serve basis! payment for the class will be expected at least three days before, b/c i will have to buy all of the supplies ahead of time. i dont want to get stuck with any extras. i’ll post the price later.

possible suggestions for the pot-luck:  (we have ice and water at the studio – don’t need to bring)


plates, cups, forks, paper towels


lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, mustard, and cheese 

i cant wait!!!!

one last thing, GLITZ is having another give-away! three winners to win one complete collection of Plume Crazy!!!!



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  1. Hey – If I can find a sitter I would love to come and crop! I do not have your email address so please email it to me!
    Nicole Landry

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