more to recall…

yesterday, we actually left the cabin to venture out. matt and the kid went to wonderworld, which is this virtual reality/hands-on adventure place. i didn’t go b/c i get motion sick. so, i went to all of the stores that they never want to visit. i went to this little needlework store and bought some cool thread for hand-stitching, a pattern store for these really cool templates and pieces of fabric, two antique stores for aprons and vintage buttons, and salt and pepper shakers, and a wood workers shop. fun to adventure on my own without having to worry if someone is bored or ready to leave. i do like shopping by myself. 

for lunch, we went to this Italian restaurant, johnny careno’s. this is syd’s favorite place in tn. well, it was family day. we all ate for $19! Wow! Matt was so happy! He even let me take pics of him with the receipt! this is a very nice place. we all had soup, bread, drinks, and chicken Parmesan! it was good. matt can be very cheap at times; so, for us to eat good food for an unbelievable price makes us all happy!

then, we drove around town. we got syd a cup of coffee from starbucks and ate supper at ruby tuesday’s. then we went to this little, family run movie theater. it was so sweet. the theater was not stadium seating, which was refreshing. syd dared me to touch the screen. and, i did. they were cracking up. so, syd and i danced in the aisle, and i dared her to run up and down the aisle. she wouldn’t, but i did! fun! we were 45 minutes early for the show.

but, these people finally came in. They sat RIGHT behind us and started smacking popcorn and nachos. WHY? the entire theater was empty. so, i moved. the kid and matt wouldn’t follow. they both made up excuses to go get something from the concession stand. AND, they both sat by me. people are weird. 

i’ve been thinking a lot about syd and the change from kid to teen. she is so there. i miss my little girl, but i do keep reminding myself that she’ll be my friend – in about ten years. 

no clue what we are doing today. i still want pancakes.


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  1. Hey girl… email me so I can have your email address… I want to put it in my cell phone so I can tell you when I have the baby! Also, I won $100.00 prize pack form Simply Scrappin’ – That is so cool!

    Miss you,

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