i need to remember…

syd and i watched a rainbow form, brighten, dimish, and disappear while she was in the hottub and fifi and i sat on swing

she threw a snowball at me and said, “that’s for the dishwasher!” what’s that about?

she finished her book about a pagent and we started: Ask Alice. it’s a book i read when i was a teen that kept me away from drugs. it scared the crap out of me. i hope it opens a line of communication that will last a life time about drugs and their horrible affect…

matt was the only one of us who remembered to bring gloves. note: buy gloves to keep here in “our” closet. he was sweet and made syd snowballs, too. they used the lid of the hottub to do this b/c the heat radiating helped pack the snow. Perfect for throwing… according to my snowball expert husband.

matt and syd wouldn’t follow me across the street to get a closer look at the horses on the farm across the street. the horses are so beautiful. it reminded me of my grandparents’ ranch. the hay had snow on it, the dirt was clay with water puddles, and i could smell the horse dung. memories…

then, we peeked into this barn that sits on, but not on our property (if that makes sense). it has wood and wooden pallets. makes me wonder…

spent the rest of day vegging on couch, matt and i took long naps, and syd played with all the eletronic gagets in her life. i need to photgraph her using them, but she hides from the camera – that kid.

matt and i are using the nickname: “kid” for her a lot lately. i do like that.

i also was able to fix the home-theater room’s satelite connection that matt wasn’t able to – that made me smile. sad to admit, but…

my goal tomorrow is to eat pancakes! what a goal, but they don’t like breakfast food, and i LOVE it!  

we’re watching die hard, b/c he says the sound is great for the surround-sound. that syd thinks she should be able to watch. not!

syd and matt were cuddling today- didn’t get a pic. but, i’ll try later. she told her daddy: “hold me.” i love the innocent affection b/w them. i was never that comfortable with my dad – as a preteen. it says a lot about matt and his greatness as a dad. i am blessed. edit: she just walked into the room and said it again! she also keeps sneaking up on me to watch me jump out of my skin.  

good night…



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