@ the cabin…

matt, syd, and i are at our cabin in Tennessee. it’s great to be back. away from home, but at home!

we woke up this am to snow! about 2 1/2 inches!! fun and cold!

matt and syd had a huge snowball fight. i forgot my camera; so, i had to use my iphone. but, the pics are better than nothing! fifi, our teacup poodle, does not like the snow! he stands in it whining with one paw in the air! it goes well with matt’s favorite saying of him been a freak. so mean!

i hope all are having a great mardi gras break. leslie is in disney world. i hope she’s feeling well and having a ball. my sister and her little family are on a disney cruise. i know they are having a blast! stay safe and see ya soon. PS: THE CABIN IS A RENTAL PROPERTY THAT WE RENT OUT TO FAMILIES FOR VACATIONS. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN RENTING IT, LET ME KNOW. IT SLEEPS 12 AND HAS ALL TYPES OF GREAT STUFF. YOU CAN GO TO WWW.EDENCREST.COM TO VIEW CLOSER PICS. GO UNDER 3 BEDROOMS – IT’S CALLED TAJ MAHAL – MATT’S DAD THOUGHT THAT WAS A GREAT NAME. 

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