not about scrapbooking…

i woke up this am to find my cats NOT locked-up in the laundry room. this is why i didn’t sleep last night. we have two cats – belly belle(gray & white) and aurora(black). belly belle is fat and short with a small kitty like head and aurora is perfectly shaped and stubborn. well, these pics will show you aurora’s personality. she is obsessive to a point of no return. if she lived in the wild, she would’ve been eaten in the first six months of her live. she can’t stop when she finds something fascinating. she must seek, find, and explore. the window that she’s in has NOOOOO ledge. she is balanced on a thin rod. the other window blinds are somewhat opened, but i guess this is her why of telling me to open them more! she has broken so many things: bottles of prima flowers, food bowls, and glass candy dishes. very slowly, every item that i store embellies in are now made of plastic. anyway, she’s a great cat to live with – except for eating fresh flowers, plastic flowers, dried flowers, and ribbon, which she throws back up. no learning curve here! the last one shows that she was thirsty after her little adventure! enjoy these pics:

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