what is your dream…

i was subbing pre-k the other day. i read them a book a having a dream. this little boy (4 years old) raises his hand and says, ” I have a dream.”

“what is it, honey?”

“i dream that one day i will be able to ride my bike without training wheels!” he declared.

wow, what a powerful dream. i thought, “wow, one day i’d like to go through life without my training wheels.”

what a kid. what a deep, complex concept to utter at four years old. i will always rememeber that little boy named seth. oh, he also likes clifford, the big red dog. now, he’s after my heart.

do you have a dream?


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  1. Kendra

    Hi there Nicole! I got your blog from Vera, its really nice. I see that you have quite teaching. I would have to say you must be excited about staying home and getting to scrap more often. Thats great! I am sure I’ll get to see you soon at one of Vera’s crops. I havent been to the last 2 because my honey was offshore. But hopefully I can make the next Friday night crop. Well hope to see you soon.

    Kendra Keating

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