last day of summer…

today is it. 😦 

syd goes back to school tomorrow. i haven’t shared an important change in our lives: i resigned from my teaching job last week. i’ve taught for 14 years – 10 in the same grade and school. i need a break. i’m going to be subbing instead – no gradebook, test papers, or report cards! i get to show up, teach, and leave! life will be great! or, i should say greater!  wish me luck on this new adventure!

i’m also going to try something new, but i’m not ready to share, yet.

here’s a sweet pic of our belly-belle. we think she’s now about one year old. we’re not sure b/c she was a three-month old kitten that stowed-away in matt’s truck. she was malnourished and very flea ridden when we took her into our home. she is the sweetest, cuddliest cat ever! belle also thinks that my scrapping desk is the greatest place to cat-nap. (pun intended!)

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