not a chosen one…

so, i didn’t make the ac crafts design team. matt was really bummed for me – sweet. i’m not sure how i feel, yet. i’m sad, but i didn’t really have my hopes too high. kwim? is it political getting on a design team? i wish i could pay someone to tell me that i’m really bad or good enough. this is why i hate to compete. here are pics of my enteries:

oh well…

today is syd’s real b-day. we’re goimg to baton rouge to the apple store to buy her a mac and an ipod. she’s growing so fast. those legs of hers will be longer than my whole body one day!



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5 responses to “not a chosen one…

  1. Your projects are nice…for 3 years I had to pick a DT for my sister’s store, and I’ll tell you that it’s not political getting on a DT, but it is very subjective. Usually just about everyone who applies would be good…so to narrow it down you pick one person who is simple, one person who is artsy, one who is good at journaling, etc. So maybe your “niche” was already filled. And honestly, I think part of it is just luck!

  2. Lisa Dorsey

    Sorry about the AC DT. Love what you did with the ribbons on that cute little shelf. I agree with Dina. You never know what they are looking for. Just keep creating, learning and plugging away and don’t give up.

  3. Claude

    I wasn’t chosen either, so I share your pain!

    I really like your entry!

  4. I so understand the let down but you will pick yourself up soon and you can try for something else. I always figure that something out there is a good fit for everyone! Good stuff though!

  5. I think your entry is lovely. Don’t get down about not making the team. I am sure they had tons of entries and a very hard time choosing. You just have to keep at it!

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